What Is The Average Life Of A Camera Shutter

What Is The Average Life Of A Camera Shutter

The average life of a camera shutter varies from model to model depending on the quality of construction and the materials used as well as how much care we have our unit.

Scramble a camera, drop it or expose the inside of the same to the elements (wind or dust that is, not to mention water) it is one of the best ways to reduce drastically the number of shots that, hypothetically, we can accomplish.

As regards the entry level SLR akusaraprosound, like most of the half frame, the producers around 100,000 quantify the number of shots, that number rises sharply passing the full frame and especially the Flagship: 200,000 and 300,000 shots are in fact quite common numbers in this category.

The numbers provided by the manufacturers, however, are undersized: SLR “guaranteed” to 100 thousand shots will probably reach around 150/180 thousand showing no signs of slowing down (if treated well). Obviously, if you are used to change the optics often take the most elementary precautions (like pointing the lens at the bottom before detaching or do so in areas that are not dusty and windy), you can forget about getting to these values ??and probably It will require a maintenance cycle well before reaching the threshold set by the manufacturer.

If you have come to the end of life of your shutter, prior to its replacement, you have to ask a simple question: how old is your camera? If you are amateur photographers (and the shutter has not broken for the third causes such as an accident), probably your camera has the ripe age. In this case, considering that the cost of replacement are around 250-300 Euros (usually 100/150 Euros for the shutter, the rest of the workforce), it makes more sense to buy a new camera (choice that I recommend if you uses a half frame) and especially save aggiornereteil your device.

The second question to ask is why it broke the shutter. In case you have not reached the end of its life, probably your camera has suffered damage that contributed to its failure: are you sure that there are no other components at risk, as the pentaprism (not sure that has cracked) or mirrors ? Remember that also the movement of the mirrors is subject to wear and is more easily influenced by external agents such as dust. In case you have any doubts about it, you always do a complete check your SLR. Check that, in the event of damage and their replacements, can cost even more than 500 Euros: a budget is always necessary before committing to a repair center.