Understand How Flexi Rods Work

The techniques of texturization are saving for those who want to disguise the difference between the natural part and smooth part of the hair during the hair transition. There are different shapes and accessories that help the curly and curly in the mission to form curls in the locks. The Flexi rods were well-known among bloggers and foreign consumers for being simple to use and very effective in the task of modeling the cache. If you do not know this method and accessory, come with us to know how flexi rods work!


Flexi rods are rods made of foam, which are used to form curls on wires without the use of heat tools. The attachment can be found in different thicknesses and is capable of molding various curvatures by being extremely malleable. For those who prefer to make night textures, flexi rods are perfect! Because they are mild they do not disturb their sleep at all. Another advantage is the extended day after, which lasts from 3 to 4 days.


You have to be very careful when choosing the thickness of your flexi rods. Since the accessory is made of foam, it can be tricky to stick the rods at the root if you do not consider the next few tips. First, avoid separating the hair into very thick locks as it is able to root out the rest of the length at the time of removing the texturing.

For crespas, it is important to choose the narrowest flexi rods you find, because the thinner it is, the more natural the hair type 4 and 5 will be . And finally, be careful when buying, the thicker models are indicated to make the curly and non-curly look, so look for the average thickness to form the curls.