Types of Skin Care Required Men Do

Types of Skin Care Required Men Do

Same with women, men also need routine skin care. However, the difference is, male skin care does not always have to deal with skin care products because the needs are different. Men have hair or hair on the face, and oil production in men is also larger than women. Thus, men’s skin care is important to prevent blockage of the pores that cause the appearance of acne.

Collagen in men also more than women. This is why it is women’s skin that wrinkles faster than the skin of men. However, this does not mean that men do not need to use protective ultraviolet light products that cause aging of the skin.

Types of Skin Care Required Men Do

Here are some important skin care tips for men:

1. Use warm water before and after shaving

The red spots that appear after you shave a beard or mustache, are a sign of irritation to the hair follicle. Washing it with warm water can help you to reduce it.

In addition, washing the face with warm water before shaving can also create a moist skin, making it easier for you in shaving. You can also use shaving cream for better results.

2. Shaving in the direction of growing feathers

Today more and more products are offering razors with more blades. In fact, the type of blade or razor is actually not very influential. More important is how to shave it. Make sure you always shave hair in the direction of your hair, not the other way.

3. No need to use aftershave

Aftershave is advised to prevent infection in the area of shaved skin. However, the use of alcohol is only necessary if you shave with a razor. Currently, the tool is very rarely used.
So, if you still want to use aftershave, choose aftershave products that do not contain alcohol, to moisturize the skin after shaving.

4. Avoid rubbing skin with a towel

To dry your face after washing your face, make a patted motion with a towel. Do not dry by rubbing, as this may irritate the skin.

5. Read the label well before giving the product to the skin

The important things that need to be listed on the male leather product label are noncomedogenic and alcohol-free.
Simply put, noncomedogenic means the product will not clog the pores, making it less likely to cause the appearance of acne on the skin.

While the alcohol-free description on the label means the product does not contain alcohol and will not make your skin dry.

Other ingredients you may need to avoid are oxybenzone, especially in sunscreen products, skin protective cream from UV radiation. Some studies show that oxybenzone can seep through the skin and spread throughout the body. However, if used as a cosmetic ingredient in levels less than 10%.

6. The importance of protecting the skin from the sun

Not for fear of black, protecting the skin from the sun is mandatory for the sake of health. Ultraviolet light will accelerate the aging of the skin, such as wrinkles, and trigger other damage to the skin. damage the skin. UV rays can also penetrate the fabric of clothes and windows, so wearing a long sleeve is not enough.

Some things that need to be done to avoid the bad effects of sunlight are:

  • Avoid hot-panasan and exposed to direct sunlight at 10 am to 4 pm.
  • If you need to be outdoors at that time, use sunscreen with SPF 30 or more.
  • Keep using sunscreen despite overcast weather.