Taxpayers can pay direct debit taxes

Taxpayers will be able to consult the tax situation through a mobile application and start paying some taxes through direct debit, purposes launched this Friday and that will save almost three million euros in administrative costs.

According to the Minister of Finance, Mário Centeno, the authorization of taxes by direct debit “will avoid fines and associated costs for lack of payment of tax in legal terms”, which will allow to “save a lot of money to the taxpayers”.

The minister gave the case of the Single Tax on Circulation, whose deadline for payment is linked to the month of registration of the car, noting that the amount of fines for failure to pay the IUC was around 54 million euros in 2017. “A cost that the Portuguese can now no longer bear, “said Mário Centeno.

In addition, this measure will allow savings for the Public Administration itself. According to the Minister of Administrative Modernization, Maria Manuel Leitão Marques, direct debit will allow “a saving of 2.9 million euros and 7,145 hours”.

The finance minister added later that these financial savings are in administrative costs, for businesses and citizens, and the time savings take place in the Tax Authority itself.

Mário Centeno also gave an example: the Tax Administration now spends around € 0.86 on tax collection (through Multibanco, for example) and € 0.20 for each direct debit operation (an operation that is free of charge if it is inside the same bank). Thus, adherence to direct debit may lead to savings of more than 60 cents per operation.

In the mobile application called Fiscal Situation – Payments and available for IOS and Android systems, it is possible to see the IRS refunds, and for now the information that is available is for 2016, the current and missing payments and the data of information.

In ongoing payments, the application allows you to proceed to the payment directly, either through the reference for payment (in ATM or via ‘net’) or access to MB Way (for those who joined).

In addition, the application has a direct link to the Finance Portal, where it is already possible to choose the payment through direct debit of various taxes: IRS (and payments by account related to this tax), IRC, Single Tax of Circulation (IUC ) and Municipal Property Tax (IMI).

In the Finance Portal, the taxpayer must choose whether direct debit is intended to be recurrent or timely and for which tax to occur and can define the maximum amount and period authorized. You can also cancel the direct debit on the website of the Tax and Customs Authority (TA).

It is also possible for the taxpayer to pay by direct debit all the benefit plans that the taxpayer agreed with TA, as in the case of PERES, for example. In this case it is not possible to choose amounts or maximum durations.

The direct debit will be available also in the services of Finance and also in the Multibanco, explained the subdirector-general with the folder of the collection, Olga Pereira.