Pimkie, Now Shopping Is Done At The Hotel. Comes The Mini Fashion Bar

Pimkie, Now Shopping Is Done At The Hotel. Comes The Mini Fashion Bar

The minibar in the hotel room? Now comes the version fashion. Pimkie, famous brand of fast fashion, presented today in Milan the exclusive project “Mini Fashion Bar”: a new way of thinking about the shopping experience through a sales channel completely new and never experienced before.

The concept, unique in its kind, is inspired by traditional mini-bar present in the hotel rooms and is designed to meet the needs of a contemporary woman, dynamic travelhoundsusa, traveler with a passion for fashion and always attentive to the latest trends.

Operation is simple: in the rooms of selected boutique hotels in major European cities you place the Mini Fashion Bar, a perfectly integrated in the bedroom or self-standing, which offers a selection of clothing suitable for the season and perfect for a day or a special night out in the city where you are staying. The customer can try the leaders in your room and select the look that best suits their needs by paying directly at the check out, just like a minibar. In addition, if the size is not right “fashion concierge” can provide the customer the leaders that she selected the desired size.

The Mini Fashion Bar is a unique opportunity for shopping through which women no longer have to worry about what to pack to better face a journey of pleasure or work. The Mini Fashion Bar offers them the head right and indispensable for any occasion like a trench coat for the rain, shoes practices to get around town or an outfit for a glam evening planned at the last minute.

Thanks to this project Pimkie consolidates its growth path towards a more adult target, helping them rediscover the brand at a female audience the latest trends and oriented to a purchasing choice innovative. The Mini Fashion Bar, already launched in 2015 in Antwerp and Paris, was premiered in Italy at Palazzo Segreti, boutique hotel in the center of Milan, and soon will be available in other major European cities.

Pimkie originated in 1971 in France where he revolutionized the distribution system and lays the foundation of fast fashion with the real-time production of what women want. Pimkie is now present in 28 countries with more than 690 stores and a turnover of 540 million Euros. The headquarters is located in the heart of the metropolitan area of ??Lille, in northern France, in a region leader for textiles and distribution. In addition, the brand is present in Europe with national offices in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Poland. Pimkie is present in Italy with 89 stores.