Pets Please MORE HAPPY Households!

Research is increasingly consolidating the importance of animals in people’s lives. Studies conducted around the world are unanimous in recognizing that they bring benefits at all stages of life.

In children, for example, animals are recommended because they contribute to the growth of children’s self-esteem, improve integration, increase learning ability and decrease aggressiveness. Their presence also stimulates the emotional balance, especially of children with problems in school.

Already in adolescence, the interaction between young people and dogs has motivated students to be aware of self-respect, respect for other life forms and, consequently, nature. Not to mention that the animals offer company even in the practice of sports.

In adulthood, animals are also important because they ‘oblige’ the owners to take daily walks, taking them for a walk. And this practice is healthy mainly from the point of view of physical and psychological health.

The novelty is the therapeutic role of pets in life to two. Research from the University of Buffalo in the United States, conducted with couples who had animals and others who did not, demonstrated that households with animals had reduced conflict, helping to maintain a more stable marital life.

Studies have also shown great health benefits for those who have pets at home. Find out what they are:

– Help in Dealing with Depression

– Lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, triglyceride and cholesterol levels

– Improves immune system and mood

– Reduces blood pressure, anxiety, and loneliness

– It rescues the affectivity and the sociability

Finally, according to experts, adopting an animal is a true health plan, without restrictions and needs, where all are benefited. There is no contraindication and the ‘remedy’ always comes in the right dose.