Movies with dogs and cats to enjoy the vacations.

January is a month of holidays, a synonym of rest and tranquility. If you have something that fits in nicely with your free time it is watching movies, is not it? After all, who does not like being thrown on the couch without worry, just enjoying the film productions? Thinking about who loves to enjoy the holidays with home theater sessions, we’ve prepared a list of really cool movies, all starring dogs, and cats. From classics to novelties, fun and exciting, are productions to watch with the whole family (including the pet). So prepare the popcorn, choose one (or all) and enjoy your days off with all the charm that our four-legged friends are able to provide!

Aristocats (1970)

A Disney classic! The cat Duchess and her three little puppies are kidnapped and abandoned in the French countryside by an envious butler who wants to steal the inheritance left by the rich madam owner of the pussies. They will have to live the greatest adventures in the attempt to return home. (Uncredited)

Harry, Tonto’s Friend (1974)

Despite old age, retired teacher Harry Combes is dumped from his apartment. But what once seemed to be a disaster, ends up contributing to Harry embarking on a long trip to the past. Between memories and disappointments, his only certainty is the company of the foolish cat. (Synopsis: Cinema 10)

The Kingdom of Cats (2002)

Japanese animation. After saving a cat from being run over, Haru, a lazy girl who is always late for school, is visited by the King of the Cats. He invites you to know his kingdom, where animals speak and behave like human beings. (Synopsis: AdoroCinema)

A Cat in Paris (2010)

French animation. Dino is a cat that divides between two houses. By day, he lives with Zoé, Jeanne’s only daughter, a police officer. At night, he climbs on the rooftops of Paris in the company of Nico, a thief of great ability. Jeanne is very busy. She needs to arrest the thief responsible for several jewelry robberies and, at the same time, take care of the safety of a giant statue that is the object of desire of the public enemy number one, Victor Costa. (Synopsis: Coffee with Movie)

Cat of Boots (2011)

Long before you meet the ogre Shrek and his gang, Boogie Cat will be living a great adventure alongside Humpty Dumpty and Kitty Pata Mansa. Willing to steal the magic beans of the outlawed couple Jack and Jill, the trio really wants is to get their hands on the famous goose that throws golden eggs. But some things were not in the plans and Cat will find, a little late, that he has a big problem ahead of him to be able to clean up what he left behind: his honor. (Synopsis: AdoroCinema)

Red Dog (2011)

Based on the real facts, the film tells the story of a dog crossing the deserts of Australia in search of its owner, a deceased bus driver. Wherever he goes, the red dog touches the hearts of those who find him. (Uncredited)

Always at your Side (2009)

Based on a true story. Parker Wilson is a university professor who, when returning from work, meets at the train station an Akita puppy, known for his loyalty. Without being able to leave him at the station, Parker takes him home even though Cate, his wife, is against the presence of a dog. Gradually, Parker becomes attached to the puppy, which has the name Hachi written on the collar in Japanese. Cate yields and accepts the animal’s permanence. Hachi grows up and goes to accompany Parker to the train station, returning to the location at the time the teacher is back. Until an unexpected event changes your life. (Synopsis: AdoroCinema)

My Dog Skip (2000)

Based on real facts. The year is 1942. Willie Morris is a shy boy who has a hard time making friends. At the age of nine, her parents Ellen and Jack give her a dog named Skip. Over time, Skip becomes known and loved throughout the neighborhood, as well as becoming Willie’s closest friend. (Synopsis: AdoroCinema)

Memories of Another Life (1995)

Thomas Johnson is a work-obsessed man who dies in an accident and returns to life in a dog’s body. Recalling who he was in his past life, he returns to his wife and son to protect them from the man who caused the accident. Through the life of the dog, he realizes that he was not such a good father. (Synopsis: AdoroCinema)

K-9 – A Good Dog Police Officer

Trouble cop Michael Dooley needs help to fight a drug dealer who tried to assassinate him. Help comes through a temperamental dog named Jerry Lee, who was trained to sniff out drugs. Together, they will try to put the mourner behind the bars.