More than 40 health centers in the North with extended hours

The Regional Health Administration of the North (ARS-N) announced this Friday the “extended schedules” in 44 health centers to adapt the services “to the adverse temperatures of the next days”, indicating that 364 beds in hospitals.

This is the third time that ARS-N has been reinforcing the services of the health centers in the region since December 26, day of point tolerance, and so far have been made in the “extended time”, about 1600 extra consultations of General and Family Medicine, while the overall daily average of care “has oscillated between 6,000 and 7,500 episodes per day,” the ARS-N said in a statement.

“With regard to supplementary beds in hospitals, with 364 openings planned for all units in the region, we have only had to open 277 at the present date,” adds ARS-N.

This new “ARS-N health care response plan” follows measures already taken on December 29th, with time schedules in 39 health units and aims to respond to “increased demand” and as a way to “adequacy of the different services against the adverse temperatures already verified and predictable for the next few days,” explains ARS-N. ARS-N source explained to Lusa that the plan will be maintained until it is justified.

Regarding the visits to health centers in the region, ARS-N clarifies that “to date, in broad hours, more than 1600 General and Family Medicine consultations have been carried out daily.”

According to the ARS-N, “compared to the same period of the previous year”, such data do not represent a “significant increase”.

According to the ARS-N, this is a growth of “about 1%”, something “still far below the expected ARS response capacity”.

“The demand for hospital emergency services follows the same trend as the health centers, and on this date, and despite the expansion and adequacy of the teams, the daily average has oscillated between 6 thousand and 7500 episodes per day, approximately” , adds that entity.

As for “supplementary beds in hospitals”, it is “expected to open 364 for all units in the region”, but so far there has only been “a need to open 277”, ARS-N also indicates.

As for the enlargement of the hours of health centers, there are 44 units in several areas of the North.

In the case of Porto, for example, the Complementary Service of the Health Center Grouping (ACES) of the Western Port is operated between 9 am and 8:45 p.m., but also between 8 p.m. and 10.45 p.m. “during the week” .

As for ACES Porto Oriental, which until now was running between 9 am and 6 pm, it closes at 9 pm. During the week, in the evenings, it opens between 8 pm and midnight.

Gaia’s ACES Urgent Care Service (SASU) operates, according to the list available on Friday from ARS-N, between 9 am and 9 pm, keeping the time between 20 hours and 24 hours during the week.

Also in the SASU of Espinho and Carvalhos there will be service until the 20 hours, happening to the 24 hours during the week.

At Maia, SASU operates between 9 am and 24 pm. In Ermesinde, the time is 9 am – 11 pm, continuing until midnight on weekdays.

In the Marão / Douro Norte area, the Peso da Régua Permanent Attendance Service (SAP) will be open between 8 am and 10 pm and until 24 hours a week.

All health centers in the North had a “point-of-care” day on December 26, a “team reinforcement and response”, especially in the “unscheduled consultations” (urgencies), ARS-N revealed on December 22.

On the same day, ARS-N reported that “on 24 and 25 (Sunday and Monday), the Health Centers would be open as usual”, in order to avoid traveling to hospitals.