How To Eliminate Acne With Ginger

Lots of ways to get rid of acne, One of them is the use of ginger mask, because the danger of harmful side effects this method is suitable for you to try. Is ginger can remove acne and scars and Why use ginger for acne scars and scars.? Ginger can be used to treat acne and scars because of the natural content of anti-inflammatory properties that have ginger that helps reduce inflamed acne (such as cystic acne and essential oils).

Benefits of ginger for facial acne

  • Ginger contains essential oils that can reduce body odor very well in cleanse dirt cause acne
  • Relieve inflammation or swelling caused by bacteria so that acne will quickly deflate and eventually heal.
  • Prevent infection of acne
  • Moisturize and keep skin smooth so it will not dry or peel easily.
  • Reduce itching and red rash on the face slowly.
  • Contains excellent antioxidants in counteracting free radicals such as dirt, dust, pollution, etc.
  • Controls the production of excess oil especially on the face.
  • Lifting dead skin cells.
  • Prevent Aging.

Some methods of using ginger to treat acne and scars:

  • Mask
  • Direct use
  • Consumed.

1. Ginger mask for acne

  • Prepare about 2 thumbs of ginger rhizome then peel the skin and wash thoroughly.
  • Pound or scar until smooth.
  • First thing, clean the face first with soap, then dry with a washcloth / towel smoother to open more pores.
  • Next apply a ginger that has been smooth slowly and evenly and by gently massaging on the entire surface of the face.
  • Let the mask seep into the skin for 30-45.
  • Rinse your face with warm water and finish with cold water rinse to keep the facial pores closed again.
  • Dry the face with a washcloth / towel.
  • Do this way as much as 3-4x a week To keep the face clean and prevent acne reappear.

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2. Direct use

  • Provide fresh ginger and then cut into small pieces and apply for 5-10 minutes for acne or black spots until the skin feels hot because ginger
  • Remove the ginger from your face after doing this over and over again.
  • Use this technique no more than once per week.

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3. Consumed

Ginger tea has a pretty good function in cleansing your face of an annoying acne problem.

Here’s how to make it with:

  • Prepare the ginger rhizome 1/2 thumb and peel the skin and wash thoroughly.
  • Mashed until flattened or flat-shaped.
  • Place ginger that has been flattened into a glass and brewed with boiling water and a little sugar.
  • Drink while warm and keep the routine every time at least 1x a day.