How Can You Let Go And Enjoy The Present?

At this end of the year, it was time to say goodbye to everything that could be and thank what is.

I am convinced that there is a black hole to which all pairs of socks go that we never found, the set of keys that one day decided to abandon us or that tiny object that we had in our pocket.

Of the same nature, there are parallel realities where everything happened that could be, where we said what we could never express or in which we were simply corresponded.

However, like all those lost objects that we let go, we must challenge ourselves to the history we are not living and embrace what we do have; Say goodbye to the last vestige of what we wanted it to be and welcome what it is.

Maybe you do not see it now, but the failures are never definitive. The wings are like plants, you have to cut them sometimes so that they grow stronger again than before and the sooner you understand it, the faster you will find yourself flying as high as your dreams .

Your own life is the most interesting story that you will hear one day and the best part is that you decide where to direct it. There will be times when the narrator dictates the opposite to what the character expects, but he will always have the freedom to act at his will in the new scenario.

Although it is always a good time to reinvent ourselves, sometimes we need a sign in neon lights that tells us and the end of the year is that fluorescent signal in the middle of the road that invites us to change course.

It’s time to close cycles , lift anchors and set sail on a journey towards the most desired destination of all: your happiness . Take with you only that which makes you smile, that makes you a better person and that complements you.

Try to throw away fears, complexes, resentments, disappointments, complaints, anger and sadness. Travel light, forgive, enjoy, live.

The change is an imposing gladiator with the power to paralyze us, but we should never fear him. If we know how to accept it, it will fight battles in our favor and it will be the warrior that leads us to conquer new horizons. Let it enter your life, and to do it in full you must let go, because if we cling too tightly to our past, the future will never come.

I was once told that the great tragedy of modernity was to think that all past time was better. You are living the best time of your life, you are living today.

Every road has its potholes, and if we look back we do not remember them, it does not mean they were not there, but we managed to stay with only the best of each situation. Remember the lessons of yesterday with affection, focus on the present and without obsessing, keep an eye on the future.

I thank the year for all that it brought me, I accept what it took and I say goodbye to everything I lost: my keys, multiple socks, my favorite sweater, some headphones, my wallet, a couple of dreams and the things I wanted them to be and they could not be. Now they are all in the same black hole: the past .

Welcome be the change, it is time to face the future.