Here’s a Smart Tips to Set Financials for Millennial Generation

In this world there is nothing free, all cost and money to get what we want. Like eating, traveling, to get married and married. Then what to do to achieve that welfare, of course by arranging our finances.

Financial Planner and Educator Prita Ghozie shared her tips on “Genius: Smart Financial Setting” to the participants of millenial generation, in Bandung, on Wednesday night.

The first step to a prosperous life according to Prita is to manage our finances, this is done to improve our finances in the hope of achieving the dream.

“To face a life full of risk then we must be smart to manage our finances,” Prita said in the event held last night.

He explained, the attitude of society when managing this finance mostly only meet their daily needs only, or needs per month.

In fact, money has been known millenial generation of humans since childhood, it’s just our habit that always spend the money for temporary purposes such as snacks often occur without taking into account the long-term needs to the needs of impromptu or emergency.

“Well this is the behavior of people to achieve it, it turns out 70 percent can be achieved by saving (money), 42 percent plan to make a financial plan, and 38 percent of it work can be money to achieve it,” he said.

In this way alone, it may happen but the chances of success are not yet severe. It needs more effort to manage our daily finances.

Because the hobby of millennial generation who often play like watching concerts and self-finishing photos also require a fee.

“Millennial hobby is a concert, or kebahagiannya reflected from the selfie where, so their wealth is not from the car again but in the account medsos And to get it all still cost, so the cost of living is cheap cost of exhibition is expensive,” said Prita.

The amount of spending often drain money in the wallet until the account, but all that can be overcome by regulating our finances, ie one of them by controlling our expenses.

“so baseball problem how much our salary, because the control comes from the expense If the control comes from the salary that we have difficulty,” he explained

Sustenance will not be confused or wrong room, but different is how to manage the sustenance that we have.

Setup Error

According to him, there are some mistakes made by millenial generation today, which has no clear objectives, failed to manage finances for not knowing his own expenses, and the absence of emergency funds.

To that end, the public must understand what it is savings, savings, and investments. “The savings are in and out often, the savings that enter it often rarely, if we input often but we only use after five to 10 years of investment,” he explained.

“If we have not distinguished savings, deposits, and investments, then we still fail in managing our finances,” he added.

According to him awareness in managing the finances became the key, such as when earning a salary can be left for infak zakat as much as 5 percent, 10 percent for emergency funds and insurance premiums then 30 percent for living expenses, loan installments 30 percent, 15 percent investment, 10 percent for style life.

“How can every month be arranged, that is with us realize we can only pay 30 percent of our salary, if friends have a repayment of more than 30 percent of our salary is very heavy, because we can not nabung, because the rest is used to cost our lives , “he explained.

“so the tips are when having a quick income divided into living, playing, saving, Living out to live our monthly life Playing, funds for fun and playing Saving, coming in often out at certain moments,” he concluded.

The Genius Program

To manage the finances, BTPN presents Genius. With Jenius BTPN customers can open accounts, manage card limits, block and unblock cards, and financial management independently using Android and iOS-based smartphones

“This genius brings many unique features to manage the user’s life finance, such as in and out, card center, and save it,” said Digital Banking Value Proposition and Product Head of BTPN Irwan Sutjipto on the occasion.

A variety of features give users control over their debit cards, this feature is designed to manage expenditures by allocating these expenses into multiple debit cards for daily needs, sudden expenses, savings, deposits and investments.