Glucosamine and condroitine: ingredients to maintain healthy joints.

You’ve probably heard of arthritis and arthrosis, diseases that hit the joints. Did you know that, besides humans, dogs can also be affected by these pathologies? It is common to find a dog with difficulty walking, changes in posture or with swelling in the knees. These are some signs that may indicate that the animal has joint problems, which mainly affect those of medium and large and the elderly. However, younger dogs may also develop joint ailments.

Arthritis and arthrosis are pathologies that cause limitation in the movements of the dog, besides acute or chronic pains of difficult control. The first is an inflammation of the joint and may occur due to genetic factors, falls traumas, infections, malnutrition, among others. The second one is characterized by a degenerative process of the structures that make up the joint and usually affects the older dogs and those with genetic predisposition. Arthrosis accounts for about 70% of joint problems in dogs and may be due to arthritis.

Factors such as age, obesity and inadequate diets are associated with the development of these diseases in dogs. To keep the animal’s joints healthy, it is important to control the weight and offer it a food supplemented with glucosamine and chondroitin, ingredients that contribute to the health of the pet, avoiding the degeneration of its cartilages. Foods of the line Super Premium Quatree for adult dogs and puppies of medium and large breeds have these two special ingredients in their compositions.

Glucosamine is a sugar that is part of the structures that make up the articular cartilage of animals. To be used as a supplement in dog food, it is extracted from some clams, such as shrimp, crab and lobster. Chondroitin consists of sugar and protein molecules, and integrates the basic components for the formation of articular cartilage of humans as well as animals. It can be extracted from the cartilage of poultry, molluscs, fish and pigs to produce the supplement.

In general, chondroitin is able to inhibit the action of enzymes that can degrade cartilage, whereas glucosamine can repair (regenerate) cartilaginous tissue that has been damaged. The combination of the two ingredients contributes to the reduction of the development of joint diseases in dogs. Therefore, the sooner they are added to food, the greater the chances of avoiding the animal suffering from some disease in the joints. Therefore, it is very important to offer puppies the food enriched with glucosamine and chondroitin. So the pet will grow healthy and will have quality of life for much longer. source: