A Unique Space For Many Functions

A Unique Space For Many Functions

When one thinks of a comfortable and practical apartment, distribution plays an important role, especially if the meters are minimized. This project has therefore tried to create divisions as little as possible, leaving only the bathroom separately. Thus, the bed, the centerpiece of the room, lives in harmony with the living room which is also a kitchen, a utility room and a workspace

A scenic decor

The white sofa, simple and clean lines, is a very important piece of furniture for the modern style, as is this apartment indolexa. The open plan, in fact, by its very nature is open and free, but for a more practical aspect requires furniture that can functionally divide the space, here is the reason that brings the sofa in the middle of this environment.

Several decorative elements

The game is not to find at all costs a thread, but just choose some decorative elements to your liking, for example, a bunch of dried flowers, a lamp and a mirror, and play with the combinations between them.

A combination of materials

How should be the dream kitchen in a modern style The editorial was in love with this interior that combines wood, metal and stoneware, without forgetting the bricks in the walls view. The kitchen is developed with the classic central island followed by snack area to be copied!

Ceilings with light

What do you think Interesting, is not it The path of light and light walls make the white and bright atmosphere. Light is in fact the predominant element.

One double bed sober

This is the space devoted to sleep and relax, then the colors are warmer and the style is modern and clean as in other environments. The head of the bed wall is covered with a wallpaper and white striped beige, matching pillows and carpet. The result is a romantic and relaxing atmosphere.

The entrance opens onto the living

As soon as you enter the apartment you encounter the kitchen, especially with a plasterboard wall that not only acts as a shoulder to the corner cabinet, but separates the kitchen area with the designed entrance, delimiting spaces. The whole environment is nothing more than a living.

A mobile per day

The input can be a problem when you decorate the house, and that’s because it’s a confined space and which serves as a place of passage, but at the same time represents the actual business card of the house. This is why we present this idea to our very simple and elegant view.