A Small House Near The Sea, Built With Love

A Small House Near The Sea, Built With Love

Who has never dreamed to go on vacation in a place like this Today we present a house near the sea, cured in every detail, full of character and special corners! The ideal place to relax and forget the stresses of everyday life, take a break from it all and recharge your batteries! Interior designers study Ad Hoc Concept have been able to play with color and contrasts, inserting elements of tradition, that would make the familiar and welcoming spaces, alongside innovative and original elements. Let’s check!

A lovely entrance

Here is the entrance, full of color! This red is simply gorgeous, a very original key https://www.solasbars.com, which immediately gives character to the house and makes us fall in love already at first glance! French doors are traditional, with mirrors and white frame around, the same color of the frames, the values ??it! Delicious even the lights!

The main facade

The outdoor area of ??the house provides a small corner of paradise in which to enjoy a nice breakfast, comfortably seated at the table, facing the entrance. Really pleasant green space, perfectly maintained, which makes background to this idyllic corner convivial!

Wood and white

Very dear to the Scandinavian style, the matching white and wood is one of the most classic and great return. Whether glossy or matte, with or without veining, wood does have the ability to heat every room, while the white lights up the surfaces and is clean and tidy.


Steel and palette of gray, in all its nuances, make immediately minimal and modern homes alike. This color choice of either set of furniture and appliances to walls or floors guarantee contemporary allure to the cooking area.a bright space, organized and equipped with a beautiful swimming pool! What can you ask for !

White, wood and pastels

The color combination of white, light wood, often painted, and crayons on the walls, the kitchen makes a real treat shabby-chic. For fans of the genre is undoubtedly an excellent scheme of colors for a delicate and romantic flavor.

A full color!

Dedicated to those who is not afraid to dare the bright colors and vitamins are a delight for the eyes and mind. So sparkling and energetic immediately make the kitchen a magnet for the whole family, as well as transform the time of cooking in a fun activity! Always remember consistency when you choose, however, more than two colors.