Long ago, people had hated their curly hair. What is the cause? Curly hair is difficult to varied with different pieces. Curly hair style when it’s relative-that’s it. But times are different. The fashion world is flourishing. Innovative ideas are emerging. Similarly, with curly hair style. Variations start many. So you who are curly hair need not worry. Here are the styles that can be applied:


  • Hairstyles with ponytails

If your hair is curly and long, try the pony tail style. This style will take off the impression of hair that is too expanding like frio. Pigtails that are tied slightly to the top of the head also makes you look more trendy. Before trying this style, it is recommended to wash hair with shampoo for curly hair. Because the arrangement of hair will be easier and tidier if the hair washed first.


  • Hair style like a crown

Try pulling all your hair up, tied up, then wrapped in a crown. This style keeps you neat and beautiful. You will also always look trendy. You can try wearing a shampoo suitable for curly hair before applying this style. By washing, your hair will be more manageable and will be slightly straight.


  • Tie your front hair to keep your forehead visible

You can tie your front hair back and pinch it with a hair clip to keep it from coming back. Your forehead will be visible, while the rest of the hair is left loose to create a full impression.



  • Clamping the hair on the side of the head

You can make sides in your hair. If you use the left side of the edge, then some of the right part of the hair you direct until it falls forward. While the hair on the left side pulled back and clamped with a hair clamp. Vice versa if you apply the right side of the edge. This style will make you look classy. Washing hair with shampoo for curly hair can make hair easier.



  • African-American braid hairstyle

If you like hairstyles like singer Alicia Keys, you can apply this. Condition, you must diligently braid each part of your hair so it looks beautiful. This hair style can also dikreasikan with various forms. You should first use shampoo to straighten curly hair and read hairstyle for big nose man before trying this style. The use of shampoo is useful for easier installation of the bra.


  • Prince’s hairstyling style

You are the guy, can try the style of hair Prince-style singer. How to lift all the hair from back and bottom up. After that, tied with rubber or using a hair clamp. With this style, you will let the top of the hair loose to the front.