5 Tips To Celebrate Christmas Being Friendly With The Planet

December is, by tradition, the month in which we consume the most in the year, but this does not have to mean lasting damage to the environment.

The Christmas is one of the most important festivities and celebrated around the world; despite being directly linked to Christianity, it is so popular that many people have resigned it, putting religion in the background and using it as a pretext for coexistence, love and rest towards the end of the year, when we are already Little tired and we need distraction but also remember the bonds of love and fraternity with others.

December is, by tradition, the month in which families gather, friends visit and people try to forget for a moment the bad times to spend pleasant moments that will become memories that will be told next year, when they return to embrace people with the cold of the environment, but with a warm heart.

And yes, we are at that time of the year: loved by many and hated by so many others, parties full of love, peace and joy but also parties full of pollution, and if we really want to continue enjoying these traditions we must minimize the damage that We make the planet, so let’s take advantage of the Christmas spirit and give our Mother Earth the best gift, a well-deserved rest.

Here are 5 tips to have a greener Christmas:

1. A Christmas tree for the whole year

The Christmas tree is one of the most representative icons of these holidays; there are artificial and natural ones; However, the most environmentally friendly option is to use one that you have in your yard, in your garden or in a pot, get creative and decorate it with products made by you with recycled materials . There are of all sizes, although if you have it inside, medium and small are the most recommended.

There are many people who have begun to take this type of initiative and have put trees for sale that you can have in your house to water them, decorate them and see them grow, there are even those who rent them for this season and then return them to continue caring for them, So the trees are not cut but you do not stop having the Christmas spirit in your home.

2. Recycled wraps

You can reuse Christmas bags or past parties. The recycled paper , newsprint and magazines are the perfect choice, wraps made with organic materials such as paper bags or jute are the best ideas, but if you put a little creativity can recycle things you’ve saved as shoe boxes, ribbons and stamens.

3. Do not waste food

We can not spend Christmas dinner overlooked. It is the time of the year when the family gathers to share the table and the food, making it special. There are several options outside the traditional Christmas dinner, there are exquisite dishes that can be used for this time, and the recipes can be adapted to your taste and budget.

Keep in mind that during this time there is a lot of food waste; do a good planning and try not to prepare food in exaggerated quantities, and if so, do not throw it away, there are many shelters that accept it for the people most in need. If there is a dessert that you have not touched because you have already eaten too much, keep it and take it away. Sharing is one of the most pleasing satisfactions among beings.

4. Uses Led lights

The LED lights are allied excellent for nature and for your economy. These bulbs illuminate the same as conventional bulbs and are known by everyone, but they are more efficient and durable; reduce emulsions of CO2 by 80%, resist much more to extreme climates and do not generate heat, so they consume up to 85% less electricity, which will result in energy and monetary savings for you.

5. Do not abuse disposable

It is very common for convenience and practicality in these dates are widely used dishes and disposable cups ; avoid the use and throw away products and choose returnable or reusable packaging products, it is the perfect time to take out that tableware that will look spectacular on the table.

They are simple actions that bring great benefits to the planet and to us, we assure you that if you carry them out, however small the contribution may seem, they will add up and make it have great results. Enjoy Christmas with ecological awareness and you will be helping others enjoy it too.

There are many options to live better so that our actions help the environment; There are 6 things that I learned from www.musikji.net and that helped me to live better, maybe they work for you too.