Tips to protect your fireworks snow pet

They tear the sky with many colors, lights and noises. On New Year’s Eve, they are the main and indispensable attraction. We are talking about fireworks, an artifact used to enchant and amuse people, but that causes totally different (and negative) effects on pets. For dog and cat tutors, the burning of fires is often a cause for concern, as the noise and the flash of lightning strike the pets, even the bravest and most trusting pets.

Fear of fireworks is very common in dogs and occurs because they have a hearing capacity four times greater than that of humans. Therefore, for dogs, a simple noise becomes a very loud and deafening noise. The firing of fires at the turn of the year is a real bombardment for them, so they are so frightened. Some try to run away from home, others seek a place to hide, and there are those who become aggressive. But it’s not just the dogs that suffer from the dogs. Cats are also afraid of the noise because they are animals that enjoy routine and tranquility. The unusual sound caused by the fireworks causes the cats to be upset and have reactions like those of the dogs.

There are some measures that can be taken by tutors to minimize the suffering of pets because of the burning of fires. Of course, every animal reacts to the noise, so it is important not to ignore the signs it presents when you are afraid, like running under the bed, hiding between your owner’s legs, barking or crying without stopping, and start shaking and heart racing. The dread that dogs and cats feel can cause serious problems to them. So to help your four-legged friend get a quiet New Year’s Eve, check out a few tips:

– Do not take your dog or cat to a place where there will be fireworks (obvious tip, but necessary). Ideally, he should stay home and be kept safe until the locks are released.

– Close the doors and windows tightly to prevent the animal from running away. Running desperately because of the noise, he may end up hurting himself.

– To muffle the sound of the fires you can put the TV or radio at the highest volume; turn on the fan or other device that makes some noise that disguises the noise of the rojões.

– Create a shelter so the animal can hide. It should be a space where he will feel safe and do not risk getting hurt. Put water, food and the favorite toy near your pet to make it more comfortable.

– Take off your dog or cat’s leash. Due to the fear caused by the noise of the fires, an instinctive reaction of the animal is to run, in desperation. If he has the collar, he may not be able to let go and hang himself.

– If there is more than one animal in the house, leave them separate. Stress caused by the burning of fires can cause fights between pets and, consequently, cause them to get hurt.

In more extreme cases – dogs and cats that are terrified by the noise of fireworks – it is interesting that the tutor talks to the trusted veterinarian. The professional may indicate some medication that will help the pet to be calmer on New Year’s Eve. Remember: only give a medicine to the animal with the prescription of the veterinarian.

Regardless of the tip that will be followed, the most important thing is not to force your pet to do something he does not want. Do your best to protect it and help you spend the holiday season with peace of mind.