15 Projects For A Small Room But Beautiful

15 Projects For A Small Room But Beautiful

Even if your living room has a generous size, this does not necessarily mean that his appearance might not be spectacular. Small rooms can still be romantic, original and functional, you just need to know which elements improve and adapt the design to ensure the best result.

You need inspiration You are in the right place, because today we have collected for you 15 great ideas for small rooms.

Mix of materials

Decorating is daring, try, innovate. The interior design allows infinite and wonderful combinations and the use of materials with different styles is one of them. Wood and brick or rustic and modern can make your small living space really full of personality.

An L-shaped sofa to optimize space

There are times when even a small living room can compete with large rooms and spacious. Today, the open-space are a very widespread trend, and allow you to have different functions in the same room, taking advantage of the space to your advantage. An L-shaped couch, as one chosen for this project is ideal for separate spaces without saturate.

suspended furniture

For those looking to save much space as possible, this idea is perfect. A wall equipped with small dimensions but with a strong character. In a single element allows you to organize shelves, drawers and shelves for better space and leaving the free wall.

Exposed brick

It is often the small details that make a big difference and, as a small room does not allow the introduction of many elements, you can always opt for different solutions. A brick or concrete wall to view, for example, may characterize a whole room.

The right lighting

The lighting of your living room will have a key role in the perception of space. Thanks to the wide variety of possibilities that exist on the market today, you can easily create elegant and sophisticated spaces highlighting what we want.

tropical air

Do you want to give a touch of originality to your small living room Tropical décor is definitely not among the most common, so with a simple moving wicker and some lush plants, your environment will gain an air completely renewed with a little.

The colors and natural fibers together with some plants will touch your most intimate side, we guarantee it!

Style and sobriety

If you are looking for a simple and elegant atmosphere, you are sure brown, black and dark blue. Dark colors generally give your little style room. In any case, you decide to decorate with the prevalence of these tones, remember to enter a few details in sharp contrast, to break the monotony.